Thinking of getting a new piercing or tattoo this summer? Well as we know the initial piercing is only the beginning. The aftercare of your piercing is most important. If your piercing isn’t taken care of properly your piercing won’t be around for long. So what to do when you have that itch you need to scratch and you just gotta have a new piercing, try and get one that wouldn’t be too much to handle. Getting a new tongue ring would be a great idea. Why? Well the tongue piercing when taken care of properly has a very quick recovery time. During the summer we are usually out at the beach or at the pool and our bodies are submerged in water which can be bad for new body piercings. New belly rings or nipple rings shouldn’t be submerged in water for long periods of time; you have to be extremely careful to clean your piercings thoroughly to avoid infection. Having a new tongue piercing you don’t have to worry about that. Yes your tongue will swell some worse than others and you do have to be careful with what you eat. Make sure that you keep your mouth clean after each meal to prevent infection.


How the piercing is done:

The piercer will have you sit down, your tongue will examined and marked strategically to not hit any major blood vessels. The clamps are then put on for guidance and the piercing is usually performed from the top of the tongue.



-Clean your tongue piercing after everything that you eat.

-Never touch your tongue ring without cleaning your hands first.

-Avoid alcohol and smoking during the healing process.



The jewelry that is worn in the tongue is typically a 14 gauge straight barbell. The tongue can also be stretched for those who are into extreme modification and larger gauge jewelry is available for stretching.


General tips :

-You can’t leave your tongue ring out for too long or it can close up. A few hours at the max.

-You have to get use to talking with it and eating with it, and try your hardest not to play with it.

-The hardest foods to eat are pasta, tacos, pizza, and burgers

-something to help soothe your new tongue ring is cold drinks, smoothies, ice cream, and sucking on ice.