Was getting a new piercing or tattoo on your summer bucket list this year? Getting a new piercing or tattoo is exciting and the summer time is a great time to get one. Being that it is summer time and you will most likely be engaging in activities like going to the pool or to the beach you should really consider this. To take care of your ink they have sun screen products that are specifically made to protect your tattoo from the sun. Protecting your piercing on the other hand is not as simple as sun screen. If you have a new piercing submerging it in water can be bad for it, you have to make sure that you keep it clean and dry once you have finished swimming, and if you go to the beach make sure to keep sand out of your piercing. Choosing the right piercing for the right time of year can play a major role in how long you will actually have the piercing. The eyebrow ring is a very trendy piercing that is very popular and usually heals without complications. The eyebrow ring is good because you can still engage in activities such as swimming but you don’t necessarily need to submerge your head or piercing with water.


The aftercare for the eyebrow piercing is pretty simple. Like all piercings make sure you keep the piercing clean with antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean your piercing with a saline solution or salt water solution. The eyebrow usually heals within 6-8 weeks after being pierced. So when you are out with friends this summer and you want to make an additional to your piercing collection get an eyebrow ring.