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With sweltering temperatures and the sun beaming, hair goes up and clothes get lighter, shorter and start to be replaced with bathing suits. It’s not hard to show off your body jewelry during the summer. Whether it’s a new set of nipple rings, shiny earrings or nautical belly rings, piercings can become a natural part of your summer style. But between the swimming pools, sand and battles with sweat, it’s easy for summer weather to cramp that style – especially if you’re freshly pierced or thinking about adding a piercing June through August.

Here are some tips to make sure your piercings – healed, new and potential ones – stay as cool and relaxed as drinking lemonade on a pool deck.

 In the Sun
If you’re from a colder area, sunshine is screaming your name right now. And if you’re naturally in a warmer climate, you’ll inevitably head out towards the sun’s rays. In either situation, you’re going to be in the sun, which calls for SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. It’s even more vital to use products with SPF (think lip balm, moisturizer and makeup) if you’re thinking about getting pierced soon or recently pierced.

With new piercings, your body needs to focus on healing that specific area. Add in nasty sunburns, and your body’s doing double or triple the work. Avoid further stressing out your system by choosing oil- and fragrance-free sunscreen; the last thing you need is dried out, irritated skin surrounding your flashy body jewelry.

You also might indulge in volleyball, Frisbee and exercising outdoors in general. Make sure you wear clothing that won’t tug on or rub piercings, and if you’re comfortable with it, give your friends a heads up about your new piercings. Afterward, quickly head toward a shower or spray your pierced area with salt spray to avoid any unnecessary, sweaty odor.

 In the Water
Remember: A new piercing is an open wound. And healed piercings are still holes in your body. Summertime calls for dipping in the pool, spending time in the hot tub and swimming out to sea. Have a routine set, though, when you head out. The sand and pool chemicals can dampen your fun, but simply being aware of what to do and why can guarantee everyday good times.

First, think about what the water’s bringing. Although piercers swear by H2Ocean spray, the natural sea also comes with a natural irritant: Sand. Public pools are perfect for inexpensive time in the water, but they can also bring bacteria directly to your piercing. The same goes for hot tubs, which could irritate the pierced area with hot water and jet streams.

Always shower after dipping in the pool, choosing fragrance-free and antibacterial washes. Over-cleaning can stress fresh areas, too, so one shower is all you need. And when you’re wiping off sand, be sure to tap your new or healed pierced area to avoid what might feel like sandpaper on your dermals, cartilage or eyebrow piercings. Tapping also helps avoid that yelp that comes when your body jewelry snags on a towel.