This summer we will all be spending more and more time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. So when you are headed to the beach or pool, don’t forget to care for your body piercings and tattoos. If you have recently pierced something or you are thinking about getting a new belly ring, or a nice set of nipple rings or any other piercing and plan on participating in outdoor activities this summer, make sure you don’t neglect your piercing. You should avoid swimming in a public pool with a fresh piercing but if it is something you can’t avoid make sure you wash and clean your piercing thoroughly after getting out of the pool. Remember your piercing is an open wound and should be treated as such keep it clean to avoid infection, migration and rejection. Nothing is better for your piercing than some good old salt water right? So a trip to the beach wouldn’t hurt just be careful and keep sand out of your piercing to avoid any healing complications. Your piercing should also be cleaned and washed thoroughly when you get out of the beach water as well. Its very common for people to get new tattoos and piercings over the summer so when you do make sure to care for them properly and enjoy your summer!