There are so many different styles and ways to wear a belly ring the possibilities are almost endless. Of course the navel piercing can be worn with a simple captive bead ring or curved barbell but there are other unique rings that can really add some variety and style to your belly button ring collection.

Belly Shields– A belly shield is a great option, it does not hang like a dangle belly ring but elaborately decorated to bring attention with uniquely designed sterling silver shield designs embellished with cz jewels. Belly shields are a great option if you do not want to have a dangling belly ring in at all times but you like for your navel jewelry to stand out. Our collection of belly shields is full of hot and trendy designs.

Reverse Belly rings -are another type of belly ring that isn’t so common like a curved barbell belly ring. It is very similar to the belly shield except it doesn’t shield your actual belly button and the shaft of the ring and bead to enclose the ring isn’t like the traditional belly ring. It’s actually a quite interesting piece of body jewelry.

This summer don’t just be a plain Jane spice up your and accessories do something different. Try out a belly shield or reverse belly ring and add some variety to your body jewelry collection.

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