Stretching piercings is a universal way of growing your piercing size to wear ear gauges jewelry. The way ear gauging works is that the lower the gauge is, the better the diameter of the pins or plugs will be that will pass through the ears. As such, 16g piercing is 1.2 mm diameter and 18g is 1.0 mm. Some people consign to changing from 18g to 16g as ‘gauging up’ whereas others say it’s ‘gauging down’.

Stretching piercings to fix larger diameter ear jewelry is a huge idea and many people go the whole control, but even more find themselves fulfilled with the effect that even a minor diameter piercing can present and the superb range of ear jewelry that is accessible for them at even 0 gauge and smaller.

Well, an option to the ordinary type of ear jewelry is type of hollow plug well-known as a flesh tunnel. These are mainly used for the big diameter stretched piercings, and while gauging ears this is frequently the decisive idea. Ear tunnels are accessible in several materials and are held in the same way as the plugs: with flares, o-rings or with a screw on back piece. There are few people who have beaded or other types of decorative elements threaded through their flesh tunnels, and they are frequently worn as a mark of just how far a person has managed to go with their stretched piercings.

Ear Streachers, Ear Tunnels, Ear Gauges

Ears gauging with stretched piercings is thus carried out by people for their ornamental effect and as a means of showing their ear stretching talents. No matter what the reason is, do remember that the gauge of your initial piercing and that everything concerned in gauging ears should be pure and kept clean.

While on the other hand, ear stretchers are also like by many people. Ear stretchers, tapers, ear claws, ear crescents and talons are generally use to stretch your ear or wear once stretched. You can choose for plain silver ear rings, jeweled ball, bead, bar and coil closure rings, segment, teardrop and all style of body rings. Ear stretchers are generally reasonable of all precious stone jewelry pieces, either set in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver also.

In fact, in several cases, the diameter of the piercing is what it is all about and many types of ear decorations are considered only for the big gauge piercings. By stretching piercings in the ear lobes by up to an inch or more than that, way ahead of the 10 mm standard 00g, you can wear astonishing flesh tunnels that make a hole in your ear lobes throughout. These are actually prepared from metal or hard plastics, but the can be ornamented with diamonds for bling, or the flesh tunnel can also be made of crystal or amber, or any other material like wood or even gold or platinum for the rich. The main reason is that flesh tunnels have no collision if too small, and for any ear piercing to be worn for them, it should be stretched, or ‘gauged’ as some consign to it as, to the size of the future tunnel.

So, if you are allowing for stretching piercings to fit lower gauge ear jewelry, and have not still your ears pierced, then make it done by expert because each stretching can only be to the next gauge.