Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a fresh body piercing can really heat things up on the holiday. Body jewelry can really bring out the features of one face and some people find the aesthetics of body jewelry to be quite sexy. Nose rings, ear piercings and lip rings are all extremely common body piercings that have sex appeal but what about “functional” body piercings?

Functional body piercings are piercings that can heighten sexual pleasure. Nipple rings and genital piercings are all considered functional piercings and are said to enhance sexual pleasure during steamy moment. Nipple rings add a heightened sensitivity to the wearer and may also be arousing to the sight as they offer an eye-catching emphasis on the area. Ear piercing may also be functional as it may make the ear lobes tender to the touch. The piercings of erogenous zones are extremely popular among body jewelry romantics. The pinnacle functional body piercings is genital body piercing, which is sometimes considered a sexual act itself.  If you’re looking to really heat things up this Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner with a new sexy piercing! The most hidden piercings take the much work to find and might be the sexiest!