Flowers are blooming, the snow’s melting and earth’s cast with a characteristic shade of awesomeness. It’s spring season, and everywhere you turn there’s a glowing hint of its lush and plush colors.  Spring’s assortment of colors are the perfect source of inspiration for body piercing aficionados and rightly so. They feature all shades of the true essence of body piercing, from the reds and their subtle bodacious aura to the blossoming pinks that highlight the intricacies of the art of body piercing and the regal splendor of emerald green, there’s a spring color to match every piercing niche. Looking to express your rad, edginess or perhaps your soft inner nature, spring style, follow us as we unravel all the trending spring colors in their silhouette brilliance.

  • Emerald green

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Talk about the magnificence of spring, and you can go without mentioning a bit of emerald green. For centuries past, this color aside from ushering the spring feeling has been a status symbol for royalty. It was one of Cleopatra’s choice gem color, and we’ve also come to associate it with foresight eloquence and wit. Are you a daring piercing enthusiast with a knack for the more exclusive things in life? Emerald green is just what the doctor (piercer) ordered. Whether as a labret stud, earring or septum ring, emerald body jewelry are a no-brainer for anyone who’s intent on adopting the exquisite imagery

  • The defiant shade of metallic black

While it is indeed not your typical definition of spring color, the universality of black makes it a fitting color to rock this spring. If you do opt in for it, you won’t be alone. Metallic black has recently picked up steam in the fashion. From the runways to the award shows and celebrity galas, this color is one you’re bound to see gracing the adorable bodies of your favorite celebs. And it’s because it emphasizes their dominant personality and confidence. If you think you’ve got enough to show the world your black metal side, now’s the best time to start

  • Pale dogwood

For the true essence of spring, its calm yet endearing vibrancy, its delightfully splendid aura of freshness and charming scenery, you can’t go wrong with pale dogwood body jewelry. This spring shade never fails to impress in terms of simplicity and class. It’s what you should be wearing if you’re aiming for that subtle but intriguing look that bound to twist heads, just make sure to match it with its corresponding makeup and a fitting attire.

  • The cherry bomb

If pale dogwood is the true essence of spring, the sparkling red of a cherry is its arrogant twin. There’s no denying the fact that most things designed with a red palette are uniquely stylish and red body jewelry are no exceptions. Any day and anytime red body jewelry and their sizzling hot glimmer can be fielded as the standout piece of your outfit.

Together these colors are spring’s standout quartet, and they’re the go-to option if you’re looking to boost your body piercing appearances with a bit of spring’s picturesque glitz and glam.