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Sons of Anarchy is an American crime-drama TV series created by Kurt Sutter. It depicts the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming; a fictional town in Northern California. The show highlights Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), initially the vice president of the club, who begins questioning both the club and himself.

SAMCRO is involved in a gun-running business throughout the western United States and deals with many rival gangs, local politicians and authorities. Throughout the seven seasons of SOA, protagonist Jax struggles with the dealings of SAMCRO and the legacy of his father, who was the founder of the club. Sons of Anarchy first aired in September ’08 and is wrapping up its seventh and final season. is excited to announce that SOA body jewelry is now available directly through their website! You will find anything from watches, bracelets and necklaces to even belly button rings. I myself have just recently jumped on the SOA bandwagon and can without a doubt say that I love this show.

Not too long ago, I purchased a pair of SOA ear plugs from and want to express how truly pleased I am with them. I purchased the surgical steel, Grim Reaper ear plugs. I wear them regularly and get endless compliments on them whenever I am out.

If you are a devoted SOA fan, I suggest you stock up on SOA body jewelry, especially with the holidays here, it will be going fast! For those who are not particularly a fan, but know someone who is, a Sons of Anarchy watch always makes the perfect gift and accessory. My favorite one in particular, is the stainless steel ion-plated black Sons of Anarchy watch. It is water resistant, has eight removable links and has a Grim Reaper design engraved on the watch.
For those devoted fans out there, don’t forget to set your DVR for tonight’s final episode. After seven seasons, the ride will come to an end. You are not going to want to miss a single second of it.
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