Body jewelry is a very common sight nowadays. You can see people of all ages and class and creed wearing this type of jewelry. It has become the latest fashion to wear body jewelry in many parts of the body. There are numerous people who do this to attract attention of other people to their various body parts and for others it is just a fashion statement to be followed what others are following.

If you want to wear body jewelry you should know the various options that are available and which type of jewelry is to be worn at which place. The banana bells are the curved barbells that are specially made for belly button piercing. There are different banana bells available in the market today. Navel shied or rings. It is worn on the nipple of the body and it is meant to attract attention to the nipples. It is a sexy piece of jewelry.

Body jewelry is a very common

The jewelry made for various body parts are from different materials. One popular material that has become fashionable and is safe to wear as well is acrylic. It is quite inexpensive so if you are wearing jewelry made of this material you can change it very often. Another material that is common is surgical steel. This material is safe and not very expensive. Moreover, many semi-precious stones can be studded into it so it looks very attractive. Black-line is suitable for smooth bio compatibility in healthy piercing. Then, you have Ziircon Gold that comes on gold color and it shines up your look. Titanium is another metal that is popular choice. Platinum is also a suitable metal for body jewelry, but it is very expensive. You can also use silver for body jewelry. In silver you get some very exquisite designs that would suit you.

As you get such a great variety of jewelry, it becomes confusing to choose one. The only point you have to keep in mind is that you should buy jewelry made of metal that is safe. If you want to change your jewelry with your dress, then you should go in for inexpensive material like acrylic or surgical steel.

Having so many options and that too the material is mostly studded with gems or semi-precious stones. They are in multi-colors so they can match the color of your dress. It makes very attractive accessory. You can find a lot of jewelry in every price range. You have to buy one that suits you. You can go online and choose from the huge variety they offer. Happy shopping!!!