Jewelry is an essential part of every fashion lover’s wardrobe. A lot of women don’t want to leave their house without wearing a pair of earrings and a delicate bracelet that makes up their signature look. Skipping the everyday ritual of adorning stunning jewelry can make you feel like your look is incomplete.

When it comes to piercings, they are not just limited to nose and ears piercings. Many people like to wear a ring around their eyebrows as a form of self-expression. Whether you have a lip piercing or a chin piercing, the right to wear jewelry should be allowed in every workplace.

Many workplaces consider body and piercings as a form of violation of the code of conduct. Failure to comply with your organization’s dress code policies may lead to your extermination. For some people, it may seem very trivial to have such policies at work as it leads to discrimination among employees. For others, these rules are a matter of life and death since their body piercings are very close to their heart.

How Workplaces And Their Policies For Piercings Work

Employers are responsible for creating a set of rules to the followed by the employees; however, such policies may take away the passion and interest of the employees as they are bound to change their personal choices to adjust to the workplace. Such professional attire standards vary from industry to industry.

A fashion agency may not impose any strict dress code policy in terms of piercings and jewelry. However, an IT firm is more likely to ask an employee to mend their ways, or else, they may lose their job. Similarly, working in the beauty industry can help you get ahead in the piercing game. On the other hand, a doctor working at a hospital may need to remove the piercing jewelry to make his or her place within the work environment.

The standard professional attire for females typically includes a pair of formal pants, a full-length skirt, a dress, and a formal shirt. When it comes to piercings, ear piercing is considered fairly acceptable in most workplaces. Whether it’s nose or lip piercing, workplaces usually frown upon them as they are considered unprofessional and distracting in a formal environment. However, it is jewelry around the piercings that makes a lot of difference. If you own a septum piercing, you can easily hide it in the professional atmosphere by simply removing the jewelry. Similarly, you can get away with having a nose or an eyebrow piercing by making use of a tiny, minimalistic stud that does not catch other people’s attention and the HR team at your company won’t bother you anymore.

Should Workplaces Normalize Piercings?

When it comes to normalizing piercings, yes, they should be allowed. Your work environment is simply a reflection of employees working within a firm. A working setup where employees from diverse backgrounds gather at one place should allow their employees to express themselves through piercings. By doing so, the employees will be happier and more productive, considering the liberal minds of the employers. As a result, the people working in such workplaces will create a friendly environment for the better.