Halloween is almost here and one of the most common decorations we find is the skeleton or the skull and bones. Why is the skull so popular on Halloween? Well the Celts were the first few people to celebrate October 31 as Halloween, they would dress up to ward off evil spirits, but they also had their own beliefs. The Celtic people viewed the skull as the house of the soul as it is the home of our brains. The Celts would use the skulls in many different ways, some archeologist found skull remains that decorated the doors and hallways of ancient ceremonial grounds. Why were the skulls kept around the Celtic people? Some believed it was to give the Celtic people wisdom and guidance.


The skull is a sign of death and mortality, but now a days we can find skulls and bones almost any where, there are many different clothing companies that use the skull in their everyday fashion. When you are accessorizing this Halloween do not forget to pick up your skull body jewelry from biker rings to necklaces, show your Celtic pride this Halloween with skulls and bones.