The rook piercing is a part of the cartilage on the ear and like any other cartilage piercing this can be painful and can also take a while for it to heal as well.

The area that is pierced is located above the tragus on the ridge of the ear located between the inner and outer conch. The procedure is simple like any other cartilage piercing the clamps may be used but it can also be done free hand without any clamps. By default piercers commonly use 14 gauge or a 16 gauge needle to pierce or maybe even larger. The pain level of this piercing is different for everyone, though cartilage piercings tend to be a bit more painful than others.

The care for the rook piercing is just like any other piercing. Never touch it unless you have to, do warm water sea salt soaks at least twice a day. Wash the area once a day gently with antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure you do not over clean the area as it can lead to drying it out. You should never use alcohol or peroxide during the healing process. Make sure that you are careful when changing your shirts, using a phone, and other activities that may involve your ear being touched you want to avoid the jewelry being tugged or aggravated during the healing process. Your jewelry should not be changed for at least eight weeks and you should consult your piercer to have it changed.

The jewelry that is worn in the rook piercing is usually the CBR’(captive bead rings) or a curved barbell. Many piercers suggest the curved barbell be worn for the piercing.