You might remember getting your earlobes pierced as a kid. Your mom probably held your hand tightly as the piercer loaded the piercing gun with a stud and shoved it through your skin. A majority of people went through similar experiences, which makes it seem as if there’s nothing wrong with using a piercing gun. However, it’s time we face the fact that piercing guns are actually quite risky.

If you’re wondering why that’s so, here is a list of reasons to avoid piercing guns.

They Can’t Be Properly Sterilized

Piercings are literally holes made in your skin that are adorned with jewelry, which makes them prone to infections. This is why a piercing is very meticulously done with a properly sterilized needle. All piercing equipment is sterilized in an autoclave, using pressure and steam to kill bacteria. Since piercing guns are made of plastic, they can’t be autoclaved. Most piercing studios sanitize piercing guns, which only kills some of the bacteria, leaving behind many other harmful forms of bacteria.

They Aren’t Precise

Piercing guns are quite bulky. Even though a piercer can aim at the area of piercing, it’s not uncommon for them to miss the mark. Using a piercing needle allows a piercer to view the exact area clearly and make the piercing very precisely. The thing with piercings is that even the slightest change in their location can change their entire aesthetic. So, if you want to get the most precise piercing possible, a piercing needle is your best bet!

Piercing Guns Use Blunt Force

Another one of the reasons to avoid piercing guns is that they employ force to shove piercing jewelry with a sharp end through your skin. The sudden movement and force can cause massive trauma to the piercing site. Not only does it introduce your skin to harmful bacteria and blood-borne pathogens because of an improperly cleaned gun, but it also opens a larger than necessary wound. This also increases your chances of developing further complications.

Piercers Who Use Piercing Guns Are Often Improperly Trained

You will often find amateur salespeople using piercing guns in shopping malls. It is quite evident that piercing isn’t the main job of the person handling the piercing gun. Let’s face it, how difficult can it be to hold a piercing gun and press a button after placing it on a marked spot? So, if you do get your piercing done by a piercing gun, not only will it be pierced improperly, but you also won’t have the option to return to the piercing in case something goes wrong.

A proper piercing specialist is one who is well-trained and highly-skilled at using a piercing needle to make an accurate perforation in your body. These piercing specialists have ample experience in the field and will also provide you with detailed information regarding piercing aftercare.

The fact of the matter is that – NEVER get a piercing with a piercing gun. You might have to spend a little more going to a good piercing specialist, but going to them ensures that you will never have to compromise in terms of health, safety, and your piercing aesthetic.