Ready, Set, Smile! The New “It” Piercing


Ready, Set, Smile! The New “It” Piercing

The world of body piercing has been innovative as of late. With the appearance of the anti-tragus piercing, it’s no wonder what avid piercers will do next! Well, look no further because there’s a new “it” piercing in town. Get your smiling teeth ready and welcome, Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing.

On the Subject

Lip frenulum piercing is done through the frenulum, either in the upper or lower lip. A frenulum, in anatomy, is usually a small fold of tissue that supports the motion of the part to which it is attached to. Examples of this are a fold between the tongue, or between the lip and tongue and there’s also a fold that connects the clitoris to the labia.
The more popular type is the upper lip frenulum which is the small thin tissue that connects your lip to the gums. Due to its unique location, it’s often called the Smiley or Scrumper because the jewelry is only visible when a person smiles.


Although contemporary, the first sightings of this variation are from an image of the body modification practitioner named Steve Haworth in a German magazine in the 1990s.


The Process

Your licensed piercer will need to prepare sterilized needle gauges 16-18 with an initial jewelry like a Captive bead ring or a horseshoe barbell. Before the piercing starts, you will be given an anti-bacterial mouthwash to avoid infection.
It is important to get a professional piercer for this type because the placement is important. Positioning must be placed carefully to avoid excess rubbing to your teeth or gums. This is the downside to this kind of piercing. Your piercer will set the ball just below the gum line so that when you smile, your jewelry will be visible to people, thus the name.


$30 – $50, depends on your piercer.
Of course, a seasoned piercer will charge more than your average one. You can also search for local shops at Google, your best friend. Each of them will charge a different price depending on the kit and labor.


Healing time for the smiley piercing will take 4-12 weeks so aftercare should be observed strictly. The aftercare instructions are the same for almost all piercings. Your piercer will give you instructions and will ask questions to ascertain that you understand them. For this type, it is important to have proper oral hygiene.
It’s recommended to use an alcohol-free mouthwash because alcohol causes irritation and longer healing times. But don’t over rinse though because it can also cause irritation. 4-6 times is enough to prevent bacterial accumulation. Another alternative is rinsing with sea salt solution.
The piercing does not inhibit eating or speech, however, extra care is still recommended. Don’t drink alcohol and avoid spicy and salty food. Most importantly, don’t play with your jewelry.

Excited to get your hands on this piercing? We know we are! Just a bit and you’re almost ready. Select your starter Captive Bead Rings or Horseshoe Barbells on our online shop. You sure will find the right jewelry for that winning smile.

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