The art of piercing the body has been part of human history since ancient times. In today’s culture piercing is becoming more and more acceptable. Even with all this support for body modification growing, there are still also some who are against the process. Each side of the spectrum brings up a good argument as to why piercings are good or bad.


The Good (Pros):

– It has become a form of self expression. People express themselves in many different ways, for body modification fanatics, piercings is the medium they use for self-expression.

– To show some individuality. Humans are always striving to stand out as individuals. People want to be someone, and piercings allow one to show that individuality.

– Finally, in some cultures piercings symbolize status and class.




The Bad (Cons):

– Piercings require great responsibility and care. If they are not taken care of correctly, infection and scarring can occur.

– Piercings require patience. Many people believe that once you are pierced everything is fine and dandy, but that is not the case. Most piercing require a month or more of healing before it can be considered healed.

– Many companies today do not allow any visible piercings to be shown, especially if the job requires for one to deal with clients or customers.


When deciding to get a piercing on your body there are many factors to consider, but ultimately the choice is your and you have to be ready to deal with the possible consequences. Always remember that if you do decide to get a body piercing, make sure that your body modification expert has a clean and safe environment as well as a clean and sterile equipment. In addition to a clean and safe environment, make sure that your jewelry is made of high quality material, and that it comes from a reputable body jewelry seller.