Ear stretching, or gauges, are very popular. You can do them yourself if you understand how to stretch your ears safely and properly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for beginner ear stretchers.

Which size should I start with? This is probably one of the first questions that you will ask. You to make sure that your ears are fully healed from an initial piercing. If it has been longer than the recommended healing time, you’re probably safe. The first size you should start with is a 16 gauge. These are not large, but they will help you to begin the ear stretching process safely. You will only want to move up one size at a time so that you do not rip your earlobes by trying to put in a gauge that your ear is not ready for. If you start out slowly, you will be better able to stretch more in the future.

How far can I stretch before the holes are permanent? Everyone seems to have a different answer for this question since everyone’s earlobes are different. You probably won’t know the point of no return until you reach it. If you want your ears to go back to the normal size it is suggested that you do not go over a 0 gauge. Also, make sure that you are stretching slowly and giving your ears time to adjust. This will make it easier for them to shrink back to normal size if that is what you wish. If you choose to go quickly and go over the recommended size, the only option to go back will be surgery.

How long should I wait? While you are waiting for your ears to heal, so that you can stretch them properly, you may be wondering how long you have to wait in between stretches. There are a lot of opinions on how long you should wait between stretches, since everyone’s ears are different. You should probably wait about six weeks or more, as this will give your ears time to heal and loosen up a bit. If you are willing to wait, you should wait about 2-6 months so that your ears have enough time to heal indefinitely. This will also give your ears time to thicken up again, so that there is less of a chance of ripping your earlobe.

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