So you’ve made up your mind to get a piercing. Nervous? Don’t worry even the bravest had their first time; rest assured however that it is going to be a straightforward and painless procedure. You might be wondering at this point, what can I do to prepare myself for the procedure? Quite a lot actually and to help you in this preparatory process we present the ultimate crash course for piercing preparation.



  • Book a piercing appointment

First things first schedule a piercing appointment in a licensed piercing studio. Emphasis on Licensed, if your state has no licensing framework for piercers then do yourself a favor to research and get personal recommendations on the best piercing studio available. The ideal piercing studio is one that places health and safety over everything else; if you walk into an unkempt studio in your search for the perfect one immediately abandon ship. Another thing to note, though less critical is the expertise of the body artist – licensed piercers must go through series of piercing programs before they are granted a permit – so once again if you get a licensed piercer, you’re on a safer side.

  • Getting in tune for the D day

Once you have scheduled a piercing appointment with a piercing studio, the next step is getting ready for the actual piercing process. Make sure to get hydrated before going under the needle, or else you the risk of developing nausea. It’s also a good idea to get your stomach stacked up with some food, however, do it in say 6 hours before the actual procedure.

The night before the D-day, do your best to get as much sleep as is possible, this helps prepare your body for the stress and strain associated with the upcoming piercing. Also, refrain from taking alcohol, as we’ve always said here on the blog, the presence of alcohol makes wound (piercing) healing a tad bit difficult. If the area to be pierced is hairy, it’s a good practice to shave it before coming to the piercing studio.



If you fall sick before the D-day, don’t attempt to wing it, instead call your piercer and reschedule an appointment. You should be 100% healthy before undergoing a piercing procedure if you want your piercing to heal quickly and properly. If you suffer from disorders like hemophilia, you’ll be needing your doctor’s consent before you can get a piercing; same thing for heart and other blood conditions. Resist all temptation to mask the presence of such diseases to your piercer as this could potentiate big-time health complications.

Lastly, take your ID with you to the piercing studio, professional piercers would need to verify you’re the age you claim to be

  • Mental preparation

A new piercing can stir up a wide range of emotions. If it’s your first time, it’s okay to feel anxious and nervous. What’s important is keeping these feelings in check. You can talk to friends, get familiar with your body artist, take a walk or even read up positive piercing testimonials to quell that nervous spirit. Just make certain to be in the right frame of mind on the day you go for the piercing.

  • D Day prep.

On the D-day of the piercing refrain from applying makeup, spray tans and other cosmetic products to the piercing area; a rule of thumb is to keep your glam levels to the barest minimum. Skip the caffeine for that day also and come dressed in your most comfortable of clothes. IF you must drink, drink water; come to the piercing studio with even the slightest smell of alcohol, and you’d be turned back, as it’s a criminal offense to pierce someone who isn’t sober.

Finally, don’t forget to shower before visiting the studio; no piercer appreciates piercing an unclean body.