Are you thinking about getting a nose piercing? Be sure to get it done by a professional in a safe and hygienic environment. The piercing itself takes just a few minutes, but the healing process may last more than two months. It is important to take good care of your piercing to avoid infections.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about nose piercings.

1. Was it painful?

One of the most commonly asked questions includes the level of pain associated with a nose piercing since a lot of individuals who have previously gone through the pain tend to warn others about how much it hurt them. Before getting it done, it’s your call whether you want to bear the pain that comes along with a piercing.

Coming on to the point, it did not hurt that much while the piercing was being made. It felt like a needle was pinching the nose for a split second, but it didn’t last any longer. Once the needle comes out of the nose, the pain usually fades away. However, you may feel a certain level of pain during the healing process. It somewhat depends on how much you think about it. The more you remind yourself that a tiny hole was drilled into your nose, the more you tend to feel it. It’s better to stay calm throughout the time and keep your mind occupied with other stuff.

2. Is it worth the pain?

This is a funny question. Of course, it is! Beauty is a pain! Regardless of the pain I experienced, the piercing looks great, and I get to hear so many compliments about it.

3. What should be done if it itches badly?

First of all, never scratch your newly pierced nose before it has completely healed. No matter what, be sure to keep your nails away from it. Else, you will end up regretting what you have done. Once your nose is healed, you can lightly rub it with your finger whenever your nose itches. Avoid the use of any sharp object to scratch your nose.

4. How to speed up the healing process?

For aftercare, avoid the use of any soap, anti-bacterial wipes, or q-tips to clean the piercing as they may become a source of infection. Do not touch your piercing with unwashed hands. Make sure you clean your piercing at least once a day with saline solution and gently pat it dry with a soft, dry towelette. Your nostril will heal completely in about 1.5 to 3 months, based on how you take care of it. You need to avoid replacing or removing the jewelry on your nose for at least 8 months until you stop experiencing any sort of pain, crusting skin, blood, discharge, tenderness, or discomfort.