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Body art is an excellent way to look stylish and edgy. Since many people are not comfortable with the idea of getting tattoos on their bodies, piercings are a great alternative. In addition, you won’t get bored with a new piercing after a while as there are several ways to jazz it up. For example, you can transform your piercing by changing the jewelry to make it stand out.

Piercing trends are changing day by day. This makes it hard to keep up with the constant shift in facial and body piercings. To make it easy for you, here are the four most popular ear piercing trends for 2021.

Mid-Helix Piercings

Mid-helix piercings have been unique among piercing lovers. However, this year, these creative piercings are making new waves in the fashion industry. You can choose to wear a 14 Kt. Gold Three Marquise CZ with Round CZ Hinged Clicker Hoop Ring or a Push in Monroe Labret 14kt Solid Yellow Gold on it. Moreover, mid-helix piercings are a gorgeous embellishment for those who love to tie up their hair during hot sunny days of summer. You can stay true to your signature style with a messy bun while having your mid-helix pierced.

Mismatched Earrings

Whether you have a standard ear lobe piercing or a helix piercing, wearing mismatched earrings is the easiest way to flaunt any ear piercing. In addition, it is fun to play around with different styles of jewelry. For example, you can wear Glass Tapers 0G-6G Single Twist Black Pyrex with Spiral End paired with 9 Gauge Surgical Steel Crocodile Design Ear Plug on the other side.


Constellations are a new trend for multiple ear piercings. This celestial-themed style allows you to decorate your ears with tiny studs on the upper and lower cartilage of your ear. It does not restrict you to just one part of your ear; hence, you can be as creative as you want. However, it is best to style a mid-part with sleek straight hair behind your ears for your constellation style to show up.

Double Helix Piercings

Double helix piercings comprise two helix piercings close to each other. You can mix and match the jewelry the way you like. To spice it up, even more, pair them up with a 14 gauge up to 0 gauge Circular Steel Ear Expander and a 14kt Solid Gold Monroe Labret with Spike End.

These popular trends are taking over everybody’s art lover’s ears. So, if you are thinking about buying new studs or earrings for your ear piercings, Body Jewelry has all you need! They offer a wide range of pieces of jewelry for all types of piercings. So, get your hands on your favorite styles to make the most out of this year’s ear piercing trends.