Popular Body Piercing Rings Options

In the old days, body piercing was only done on a few body parts, such as the ears and nose. Currently, body piercing can be done on virtually any part of the body. An increasing number of youths are using body piercing on various body parts to make a fashion statement. Body piercing rings for use on such pierced parts are available in various trendy sizes and shades. For instance, you can buy body jewelry that is studded in stone and featuring attractive colors. You may as well opt for the antique body jewelry; the choice is vast. If you do not feel like wearing body jewelry at any particular time, you may wear retainer rings to retain the body piercing.

If you are trying body piercing for the first time, you should know the various body jewelry options available. Additionally, you should also understand the health precautions to exercise. Mentioned here are some of the commonly used types of body jewelry.

Ball Closure Rings
This type of body piercing rings may be used on any body piercing. However, the ball closure rings are best suited for ear, lip and navel, piercing. Some of the most popular ball closure rings include the surgical steel rings, UV rings, titanium rings, 18 karat gold rings and zircon gold rings.

Circular Barbells
The design of this body jewelry comprises of curved bars and two removable balls. Some of the well renowned circular barbells include the 18 karat gold, bioplast barbells, titanium, surgical steel and zircon gold.

Banana (Curved) Barbells
Currently, there are various types and designs of banana bells for you to choose from. This type of body jewelry is best suited for belly piercing. Some of the popular banana bells you should consider having include Blackline, acrylic, surgical steel, zircon gold, PTFE body jewelry, Bioplast, titanium and the gemstone navel banana bells.

Body Spirals
This is another gorgeous option for wearing a piercing on different body parts. They are available in various styles, designs and materials. Some of the most common body spirals are:
• Surgical steel spirals.
• Titanium spirals- As compared to barbells and banana bells, the titanium body spirals are the best option.
• Blackline spirals- These are best suited for use on ear and navel piercing, as compared to piercing on other parts of the body.
• Zircon gold spirals- This type of body spiral jewelry is available in varied balls. As such, you can customize them according to your own preferences.
Currently, there are various types of body piercing rings to choose from. The choice of any jewelry should be guided by the safety, its suitability for the part you intend to use it on and your own preferences.