Pluggers Remorse

Missing the feel of a pierced ear and a dangling earring? Tired of the blunt plugs stretching your ear lobes? Regrets can be devastating emotionally and physically. But it doesn’t mean that you didn’t enjoy your decisions at that moment. There are ways to fall in love with your stretched ears again. Adopting new ways to dress your stretched ears with the right body jewelry can open up new ways for you dress your ears.

“Plugger’s” Beginnings

Once you’re plugged, you’re plugged for life. Stretching can be a lifetime change on your body. It all depends on your skin’s elasticity and its capacity to heal. Once you pass a certain stretch size, it may be difficult for the skin to return to a normal size. The trick is to gradually increase the size of your taper. Stop when you’re experiencing pain. All these need to be accounted for. So before committing to one, have a firm decision, relax and just go for it. But if you’re feeling reminiscent about the piercings of the past, why not try these alternatives?

Tunnel Vision

So you still want to wear your plugs but want to have an earring hanging? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We can’t do anything about those stretched lobes so we’ll just put an earring through it. How you ask? To start, use a ear tunnel, which looks much like a plug with a hollow center. Use this to line your stretched ears with a firm foundation to thread regular hoop earrings of your choice through them. This technique opens up all of the regular earrings that you thought you couldn’t wear anymore. Viola~ a two step process with superb benefits.

Try different color and texture combinations to achieve the look and feel that you desire… we’ve put together some super cool combos of tunnels and earrings for you below:


The Captive Bead Rings

Nobody can deny that Captive Bead Rings are everyone’s favorite. Not only are they chic, they can also be worn almost everywhere. You can wear it with your plugs like the plug hoops mentioned above or you can opt for the plug with a tragus piercing on the side. Choose from different colors and styles, and wear it with pride.


The Hangers

Nothing like a true earring than a hanging or dangling type. These type of earrings are huge in a sense that the hook can be used as a taper. Materials come in many forms like glass, wood and bones. The designs are usually in form of a spiral, feather or flowers. If you want your piercing to be more aesthetic, definitely choose this.

The Brass Ones

Who said brass was just confined to knuckles? Almost any material nowadays is used for making earrings. Brass has that earthy tone that nature lovers would appreciate. Usually having an intricate design with swirls and lines, these unique earrings can be worn through the piercings that are both stretched or not.

The Tapers

In every “plugging” or stretching journey, there will always be your tapers. The ear tapers are your trainers for that beautiful stretched or “plugged” look. The designs have that classic look – the “stake” or “needle”. It also comes in different colors and most importantly, sizes! Please don’t hesitate to start small and continue to work your way with a bigger one. Remember never to rush yourself during this process which can cause serious scarring and damage to your earlobes. Allowing yourself to “rest” a significant amount of time is the best way to know if you want to go bigger.

No matter how you’re wallowing in sorrow over your piercing, we know you still love your plugs and tunnels. But if in case you need a “fresh start”, why not try the ones mentioned above? At Body Jewelry, we carry different styles and designs to suit your needs. No need to worry about what to choose. Check out our ONLINE SHOP and have the best of both worlds.