Plugs have become the most common body modification procedure that most people will do on their body. Ear Plugs are done when an ear piercing is stretched so it can fit a certain size of jewelry. There are very few health risks that come from stretching the ear lobe. Most stretching methods do not create any wounds or infections if done right. One thing to keep in mind is that from 2 Gauge – 12m (1/2 in.), it is considered the point of no return. After these sizes the probability of your ear going back to its original size is very low. There are many factors that are considered in the process of returning the ear back to its normal size.

The most common way of stretching the ear is Tapering. Tapering is when you use a conical jewelry and slowly stretch the ear to the biggest end of the jewelry. It is best to stretch your ears with surgical steel, or titanium jewelry in order to decrease the chance of infection or the build up of bacteria on the jewelry. Always increase your sizes by the next increment, skipping sizes may cause scarring or a blowout on the ear. These effects can only be repaired with reconstruction surgery.

Another method of stretching your ear is by dermal punching. This process takes longer to heal but it is much faster in reaching the desired goal in gauge. This process cuts of the flesh of your ear to the desired gauge. The dermal punch will only work for the smaller gauges.















After you have reached your desired gauge and the ear has healed, you can begin putting in the many different kinds of plugs. Some of the most common plugs are made up of wood, horn & bone, and natural stones. Always consult  your body modifications expert when going through an ear stretching process. And always make sure you buy your jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.