Piercings have been in fashion for women of all ages. With time, many men are getting drawn towards facial and body piercings as well, making new waves in the modern culture. Many youngsters have adapted to the trends seen among celebrities, from nose piercing and eyebrow piercing to tongue piercing.

The art of piercings started from the ancient culture, where excessive body piercings were considered normal. You can observe the prevalence of such historical practices in paintings and other archeological findings. Around 5000 years ago, it was common to have the entire cartilage of the ear filled with multiple piercings, followed by tattoos and other forms of body art. From small hoops to studs and dangling rings, wearing jewelry around the piercing was considered very significant. With time, it has massively influenced people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the United States.

 Piercings in Modern Culture

Getting a piercing is the simplest way to look attractive and stylish without going overboard. With the shift in fashion trends in the United States, you don’t need to wear an expensive piece of jewelry as any stud, hoop, or dangling ring can make you stand out. Several people have started to get multiple piercings after the growing popularity of piercings among famous actors and entertainers.

Here is a list of famous professions that resonate with piercings in modern culture.

1. Tattoo Artists

You will often find famous tattoo artists bedazzled with a bunch of piercings on face and body. The combination of tattoos and piercings makes them stand out from the crowd. Despite their association with ancient lives, piercings have taken over the modern culture with their versatility and uniqueness.

2. Music Artists

From Drake to Zayn Malik, nose piercings have paved their way among one of the most well-known music artists. This highly fashionable embellishment is inclusive of all genders in the music industry. No matter how feminine or masculine a person looks, nose piercings look attractive to everyone.

3. Magicians

In today’s world, the magicians seen on reality TV shows adorn a broad range of facial and body piercings. You might have noticed how Criss Angel has maintained his signature style over the years with big studs in his ears. His unique personality has pulled in many young men to consider getting their ears pierced to look edgy.

Having facial and body piercings is a surefire way to appear effortlessly stylish. However, they are often frowned upon in the corporate world. If you are a young professional working in a formal office environment, be sure to check if wearing jewelry in your piercing is allowed at your workplace or not.