For the fans of Body Modification, they are always look for innovated piercings or tattoos. Recently we have been introduced to a new kind of ink for tattoo artist. The UV Tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Although the product is still very new compared to its predecessors, it has grown exponentially over the last few years. Even with this high popularity, there is still some skepticism about whether the ink is safe or not. The ink has been tested for long term use, and there is no evidence on whether it is safe or not. As of now the only evidence that might be alarming is a few cases of skin reactions due to allergies to the ingredients found in the ink. Other than that, the ink has shown to be stable.

















Another innovation that has caught our eye, is piercing over tattoos. The most common ones we have seen is putting jeweled dermal anchors in place of eyes of tattoos of  faces. These are really cool if done right, the dermals have to be placed carefully or else the image will look somewhat weird if it is not in the right place. When getting dermals or tattoos, make sure you are consulting a body modification expert. Do not be afraid to asks for experience and pictures of the work done by the artist. And always remember to buy your body jewelry from a reputable seller.