Halloween is nearly upon us… And we hope you have a costume in mind! Body piercings can help you enhance your Halloween costume and really make a splash at a Halloween party. If you keep your piercings fairly tasteful from day to day, Halloween is your time to really amp it up. Nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, and other fun body piercings are perfect accessories for a punk rock costume. Because, really… who hasn’t wanted to be a rock star, even just for a night?

Piercings and Punk Rock

  • You have to start with the hair. If you really feel up to it, you can go full-on Mohawk and really commit to the style. But you could just slick everything up into a faux-hawk instead. Add some extra visual excitement with a wash-out hair color like pink or blue.
  • A simple way to dress for your punk rock costume is to take an old t-shirt and cut it up so that there are several rents in the clothing. Use a razor blade and wash it so the rips look worn.
  • Putting patches in your clothing is another great addition to your punk rock costume. A big patch on the back of your jacket or hoodie really brings the look together.
  • Find some bright red and black plaid pants or a skirt to complete the ensemble.
  • Your body piercings also really get to shine! Get some large nose rings, earrings, and other body jewelry. Punk rockers really experimented with style.
  • If you don’t have all the piercings you feel you need to create the look, we have a selection of ear cuffs and other non-piercing body jewelry to amp up your Halloween costume.