Body piercings have an intriguing effect on people, whether from those who are mesmerized by the way they look, to those who become devoted piercing aficiandos. Piercings can be stunningly gorgeous, playful, symbols of strength, and highly erotic to many. One way or another, body jewelry is a mainstay in popular culture.

Piercings, whether on the body, in the ears, or on the face, have been practiced since before recorded history. Ancient texts, like the Bible, and the Hindu Vedas describe piercings of the ears and nose. Today, people everywhere, and from all walks of life have become inspired to have piercings, from the tame: ears, nose, and navels, to those who pursue an extreme enjoyment and have hundreds throughout their bodies. Body piercing originated more than four thousand years ago, in the Andes mountains, and has spanned the globe amongst ancient cultures. These ancient tribal people recognized piercing and tattooing as symbols of strength, courage, honor, and stamina. The oldest, mummified remains ever discovered, were found in a glacier in Austria, dating 5300 years ago, displayed a pierced ear. Tribal Africans pierced themselves, and bore tattoos to demonstrate their manhood, dominance and leadership. In India, piercings and tattoos were used for a variety of different purposes, as symbols of marriage, strength, social rankings, victory and defeat, and all rites of passage.

Upon witnessing these tribal sacraments, European colonists were fascinated, and inspired. They brought these practices back home to England, where piercing earned immediate popularity amongst the middle class. Even royalty were beguiled by piercings, and they became quite ritualized within the royal circles, practiced with utmost secrecy.

Today, body piercing has achieved something of a cult following, with an international accumulation of devotees. People from all walks of life, across the world enjoy piercings as fashion statements, self-expression, and to symbolically display a commemoration or victory achieved. Fashion magazines, the entertainment industry, and urban street cultures have made it clear that piercing is an art that is here to stay!

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