It’s almost fall and as is customary with us here at Body Jewelry blog we’ve gone round to summate the top trending piercing styles, tips and tricks to usher you into this sun baked and Gold tanned season. If you’re a fan of the more daring piercing styles, stay tuned to this list as the majority of the piercings making this selection fall into the daring and adventurous category.

Septum piercings

Remember when septum piercings were supposedly ‘trashy?’ Yeah, very long time ago. Today, however with the current social media buzz that trials the piercing style,  it’s easy to see that they are the piercings to beat (at least for now). Their rising popularity, unlike most other seasonal piercing styles, is not fad-like, so to speak. Right from the onset of the New Year adoption rates of septum piercings was already skyrocketing, what we see now is more of the peak of its rise to popularity. But just why is the septum piercing gaining this much popularity? Well, for one no other piercing style combines elegance and edginess, as well as septum piercings, do, then there’s the added advantage being discrete – want to attend a board meeting, simply pull off your septum ring and walk into the hall like you’re Hilary Clinton.



Nipple Piercings

Very few trending lists, be it that for summer fall or winter get by without a mention of Nipple piercings and for a good reason too. If there’s one piercing style that has remained consistent in the world of body piercing its the nipple piercing. Simply put, individuals with a nipple piercing love it, and those without one always wonder what it feels like to have it – and from the look on the faces of celebrities like Kylie, Rihanna, Bella and Kendall it sure is an awesome feeling. If you’re looking to get a piercing that feels more intimate for you and your partner (if you have one), it’s time to ditch the customary belly button piercing and hitch on to the more endearing ride of nipple piercings.

Eyebrow Rings

Surprise, Surprise. Bet you weren’t expecting this piercing style to make this list, well guess what, it did. Historically Fall seems to be a high rise point for eyebrow piercings. September2014, was the first time we saw Grammy award winning singer Jojo showcase her alluring eyebrow piercing. Since that time the popularity of this piercing style has followed an almost cyclical manner, peaking in fall, towards the end of September, dropping slightly by the beginning of the new year and then gaining traction once more as we approached the ember months. Septum piercings, no doubt, sometimes bear the title of tacky and unrefined. But like Jojo clearly displayed, done right this piercing may actually be one of the most facially rewarding styles.



Tongue Piercings

Finally one for the more adventurous body artists – Tongue piercings. Tongue piercings were one of the most rad piercings early last year, their popularity however withered with time – until two months ago. The piercing style famous for the bold, confident and elegant look it affords its wearers is staging an impressive comeback this fall; if you’re looking to usher in the fall with a sense of style and renewed vigor, just like the Tongue piercing is currently doing, then maybe consider one. What’s more, like we’ve previously stated in past articles nothing complements your smile, as well as a tongue piercing, does.

Pro tips

Looking to up your piercing game but don’t want to get a new piercing? Why not consider changing your jewelry stock. It goes without saying that jewelry made from gold are perhaps the best match to the brown tanned scenery of the fall season.

With the fall comes the first winds of winter, to keep your piercing safe from the elements, make certain to adhere to the recommended aftercare practices. Also, do your best to keep your piercing and the piercing area well moisturized to prevent scalding.

With these information set, you’re ready to march into fall with style. Don’t forget to peruse our site for further piercing related tips and tricks.