How the piercing is done:

The piercer will first check the underside of the tongue for large blood vessels to avoid injury. The tongue will then be marked for safe placement for the piercing. The piercer will then clamp your tongue with forceps and pierce the tongue. Depending of the piercer and the type of needle used, the tongue can be pierced from the top to bottom or from the bottom through the top.



This is one of the fastest healing piercings on the body. Even though it may heal quickly it is important that it does heal properly. For the first few days your diet should be limited to cold foods such as ice cream, cold shakes, frozen yogurt and other frozen goodies. Eating spicy foods or foods with high acidity content can irritate the piercing and shouldn’t be eaten until the piercing is healed. You can also have soups and other soft foods that are easy to chew during the healing process.  The healing process can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months to heal. Make sure you follow your piercer’s instructions for cleaning the piercing after each meal as food can get caught and cause infection. Make sure you clean your tongue and use an alcohol free mouth wash.




The tongue piercing is usually done with a long barbell to accommodate the swelling that your tongue will do for a few days after it is pierced. Your tongue can swell up to twice its size. Once your piercing is healed you are able to change the barbell to a smaller size or you can get creative and put another style of jewelry in your tongue piercing.