When we talk about getting a new ear piercing done, one of the questions that come to mind is whether to go for gun piercing or a needle piercing.

If you’re also confused between the two, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss the difference between the two different piercing methods and explain which one is safer.

Piercing Gun Vs. Piercing Needles

Piercing guns have been used for ear lobe piercings for many decades. They are still used at many piercing shops and kiosks at malls and department stores. Piercing with a gun is only done for piercing earlobes. This method of piercing cannot be done on any other part of the body, such as the nose, belly, or cartilage.

Piercing guns are quite convenient to use and they are also much cheaper than needles. Moreover, they are reusable. Piercers don’t have to be trained extensively for learning to use them. That’s the reason why they are very commonly used at small piercing kiosks and even roadside piercing shops.

However, many professional piercing artists advise against the use of piercing guns even for earlobe piercings.

The Cons of Using Piercing Guns

Their primary concern is the lack of sterilization. Any kind of procedure that involves contact with blood or body fluids should be done with strict measures taken to prevent contamination.

Piercing guns are mostly made of plastic and cannot be sterilized in an autoclave. A quick wipe with an alcohol swab is not enough. The same gun used for every other customer poses a huge health risk.

Moreover, piercing with a gun can cause tissue trauma. These guns hold blunt studs that are forced through the tissues. It rips off the tissue by making a high-pressure impact and forces the jewelry to sit on the piercing. This can prolong the healing process and make your piercing hurt even more.

Why Piercing Needles are Safer

Piercing needles, on the other hand, are meant for one-time use only so there are fewer chances of infections. Piercing artists that use needles have to undergo proper training that involves correct techniques, sanitization, infection control, and healing practices. Thus, the health and safety standards are much higher at piercing salons that use piercing needles.

Since there is no involvement of pressure when piercing with needles, it won’t hurt so much and the piercing will heal faster. That’s why piercing needles can be safely used on all body parts without minimal risks. The needles come in a variety of sizes that are meant for different types of body piercings. They are made with high-grade stainless steel, pre-packaged, and thoroughly sterilized.

To Sum Up

After reading through all this information, it’s clear that when we look at piercing guns vs. piercing needles, needles are a superior and safer choice. Therefore, whatever piercing style you want to try, make sure to visit a professionally trained piercing artist who does the job using piercing needles.