Thinking it’s time for a new body piercing? Or are you contemplating your first piercing? There are some risks that come along with body piercings that can be avoided if you are educated and you know what to avoid and what questions to ask your piercer.

When a new body piercing goes wrong the area that is affected the most is the piercing site in some cases it can be worse, that is why you should be pierced by a professional certified professional piercer. You should make sure that the parlor or studio that you are getting your piercing done at is clean and sterile.

There are a few problems that can occur after getting your piercing here are some common problems and ways to avoid them.

Scarring– The piercing may form a small bump around it while it is healing. This is scar tissue and should go down as the healing process comes to an end. Everyone is different for some the scarring can go away and for others it stays. When you remove the piercing there will be scar tissue where the piercing originally was.

Infections – Infections happen when your piercing is fresh and remember when you get a piercing it is an open wound and should be treated as such. It should not come in contact with anything, it should always be kept clean, and never touched unless your hands are clean.

Migration and Metal Hypersensitivity– When it comes to getting a body piercing you must make sure that you are being pierced with top quality body jewelry. The jewelry should be nickel free as many people are allergic to nickel and as a result the body will reject the jewelry, resulting in infection or migration of the body jewelry. Migration of the body jewelry can happen under two circumstances, one when the piercing is done improperly or if your body has a reaction to the body jewelry.

Face it no matter what we do in life we face risks, don’t let risks discourage you from getting a new piercing; educate yourself to avoid any problems. Happy piercing!