Marilyn Monroe and Her Legendary Beauty Mark, Which Made Way For the Now Adored Piercing Named in Her Honor.

Today’s body jewelry culture bears a specific piercing with references to pop culture icons: Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Perhaps we can look at them as two apples from the same tree, their looks have earned the following of millions who are inspired. Drag queens, pop stars, actresses, everyday fashionistas, and body piercing aficionados are among the many who love themselves a little Monroe and Madonna everyday Bröllopsklänningar!

Marilyn Monroe captivated viewers across the globe with her charm, wit, vulnerability, and most notably her beauty. To this day, she remains a classic icon of style, and glamour. She has been the muse for a multitude of musicians, such as Britney Spears, Elton John, Tori Amos, Marilyn Manson (hence the name alone!) and most notably Madonna, whose early early image was definitely heavily influenced by Monroe. At some point or another, most modern-day actresses tip their hats to her, whether with finger-wave curls in their hair, or the classic halter dresses! She captivated President JFK and his brother, Joe DiMaggio, and Joan Crawford, in addition to so many more. Hugh Hefner credits the success of his magazine to her, as she was the very first face to grace the infamous Playboy cover.

A Pair of Sexy Labret Monroe Piercings on This Lucky Gal!

The “Monroe” or “Labret Monroe” piercing is meant to replicate her famous beauty mark above her lip, off to the side. Though Marilyn’s was on her left, they can be found on either side of the face for the same result. Both men and women love this piercing, and some people go so far as to have two labret Monroe’s done. In more recent years, the piercing has also adopted the name “Madonna” as a reference to her pseudo-beauty mark, which she has drawn on her face throughout her career at times, as a tribute to Monroe. Wow, things really do go full circle, don’t they? Often simple black studs are used here, but you can find an enormous range of minute designs, jewels, and logos for your labret. One thing for sure though, make sure that you use specifically “labret Monroe” jewelry here, as you can damage your teeth and gums with other types of body jewelry. Among the many safe materials for jewelry are titanium, surgical steel, acrylic, and 14K gold.