Ultraviolet. When you hear about this word you immediately think of the sun and its harmful rays, but did you know that there is jewelry out there that reacts with ultraviolet rays. UV Jewelry is a very popular type of jewelry, especially in younger teens. UV jewelry is very common due to the appeal to the night life. When UV Jewelry is brought under a UV light, such as a blacklight, it immediately reacts and causes the jewelry to give a bright color glow. Blacklights are almost always used in most clubs and bars. UV jewelry is completely safe. So if you are thinking about giving your wardrobe something just to make you stand out a little more, adding a bit of UV jewelry to your night out outfit will help you grab some attention. Some popular UV jewelry includes belly rings, and captive bead rings.

Another popular party jewelry, are the glow in the dark jewelry. Glow in the dark jewelry is slightly differently than UV. The difference between the two is that glow in the dark jewelry stores light energy and then releases it as time passes by. Where UV only reacts to the blacklight, glow in the dark with glow as long as it has stored energy. Both these jewelry material are very safe and will create a very noticeable glow that will grab the attention at any party. Glow in the dark jewelry can come in many differently types of jewelry, one of the most common is ear gauges and tongue rings. Always make sure you ask your body modifications expert if you piercing is ready to be changed. Always buy your jewelry from a reputable seller.