Organic Body Jewelry is one of the fastest growing trends in the body jewelry world. They range from many different types of organic materials and have a very special appeal to all generations. In this post we will cover Stone and Rock body jewelry. The first thing that you should know about stone jewelry is that they are mostly all heavy. If you are planning to wear stone or rock jewelry as plugs or stretchers keep in mind that they might weigh down on your ears. One of the good things about stone and rock body jewelry is that they are very strong and can last for a very long time. They do require the care as any other body jewelry. You should wash them with soap and water every now and then, also rubbing a bit of olive oil will help expand the life of your body jewelry.

Stone and rock body jewelry are one of the most beautiful jewelry out there due to the many kinds of stone and rock patterns out there. Some of the most common stone and rock material are obsidian, opals, agates, amethyst, tigers eye, and marble. Most stone and rock body jewelry should avoid direct or extreme sunlight because it can dry up and irritate the piercing, also direct or extreme light might cause the stone or rock to become faded. Another thing to keep in mind is that stone and rock body jewelry might chip if it falls or hits another surface. If the chipping happens to be on where the piecing sits you should try smooth it out, or melt some hot candle wax on it to even it out. If it still irritates your ear you should take off the jewelry until a solution is found. Like always, never wear organic body jewelry until the piercing has completely healed, and always buy your jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.