Organic Body Jewelry is one of the latest trends to recently come into the market. Everyone wants to wear organic body jewelry, they are very fashionable and very safe to wear. In the last post we covered body jewelry made from different kinds of woods. Today, we will cover the body jewelry made from Horn and Bone. Horn and bone body jewelry has been in use from many years. The natives from Africa have always use animal bones and horn as their jewelry. Most bone jewelry comes from cattle and buffalo. Bone jewelry is very light which can be worn on stretched ears without weighing them down.  A very common misconception is that all bone jewelry is white, but bone  jewelry is available in many different shades, from pure white all the way to black. Bone jewelry can be carved into many different shapes and designs. And like most organic jewelry it requires some care. Bone jewelry can be washed with a bit of water and some antibacterial soap. Also, at least once a month you should rub a bit of olive oil to keep it from cracking. Always remember, organic body jewelry should only be worn after your piercing has been healed completely.

Ivory the most common kind of horn body jewelry. Many people believe that this type of jewelry is not allowed because ivory is illegal to have, but most of the ivory used in jewelry comes from the tusks of the walrus. Horn jewelry while it is very fashionable, it requires great care. You cannot allow horn jewelry to get too dry, because if it does it can crack and allow bacteria to get into it. It can be cleaned with water and antibacterial soap as well as rubbing it with some olive oil once every four weeks.

Always make sure you buy your organic body jewelry from a reputable seller, and make sure your piercing has healed completely before trying on any organic body jewelry.