When you get your first piercing, one of the first things that you start to think of is what kind of jewelry you will get once the piercing has healed. Will you get jewelry with logo on it, or will you get jewelry that is organic-made? or maybe you will stay with your basic stainless steel? Whatever the choice you must know what the differences between all these material and types of jewelry. One of the most popular trends now is organic jewelry. Organic jewelry is made up of wood, horn, bone, stone, and bamboo. Many of the styles are jaw dropping beautiful and you will be amazed by how well they will look on you when worn.

The most common type of organic jewelry is wood. Jewelry made from wood is very light and therefore if you have a greatly stretched ear the wood will not weigh them down. Organic wood jewelry comes in many different colors and are also made from many different types of wood. The prices will vary due to the design and the type of wood used to make the jewelry. From Cherry Wood, Verawood, and Granadillo wood to Wild Olive wood and Gaboon Ebony wood, the options of the type of wood is almost limitless. There are some precaution when using wood jewelry though, although for the most part wood jewelry is safe, you should be on the lookout for wood that has been dyed, it can have some skin reactions to certain people. Also make sure you always buy your body  jewelry from a reputable seller. Also, wood jewelry requires some cleaning, a little bit of olive oil or tree oil will help the jewelry have a longer life and stops the wood from cracking. Plus using the oil will make your jewelry look really shiny. Always remember, organic jewelry should only be worn when the piercing is completely healed.