The eyebrow piercing has been around since the early 70’s. Unlike other piercings the eyebrow ring is fairly new, but just like other piercings it is timeless. The eyebrow piercing was introduced strictly as a fashion statement for the punk culture error of the 70’s. It continued to gain popularity and by the 1990’s almost everyone had an eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piercings are extremely popular among teens now as it is a simple piercing to take care of. The eyebrow piercing is known as a surface piercing and if it is not done properly or with good quality body jewelry, it can reject from the skin. The eyebrow piercing is great for anyone with an eclectic style that loves diversity when rocking body jewelry. The eyebrow piercing is done pretty simply, its typically done with a 14 gauge or 16 gauge needle depending on the preference of the customer being pierced. The piercing can be done free hand or it can be done with tools to help guide the needle through. The greatest thing about the eyebrow piercing, is that there are many different types of body jewelry that can be worn in the piercing. From captive bead rings, to curved barbells which ever you prefer to wear you can wear it. This piercing is for those that love to make a fashion statement through their piercings and tattoos. The eyebrow piercing just like the nose piercing and many other body piercings is not gender specific. Both men and women get the eyebrow pierced. If you are in the market for a new piercing try the eyebrow, you will love it!