Chained jewelry has for a long time been part of the jewelry world. It earned a spot of fashion jewelry in early human history and has since then evolved to fit current fashion trends and ideas. One the most popular chain jewelry out there is the belly chain. These belly chains come in my different sizes and different designs. Their uniqueness comes from the many different ways that the belly chain can be worn and as well as the charms that can be worn with them.



Another chain fashion that has recently been growing is the nose chains. Nose chains are chains that come from a hoop in a nose piercing and connect to the ear. These are cool items due to the way it enhances the face. This fashion trend is still growing and there are many ways that it can be worn.




Nipple Chains are also part of the chain jewelry from the old traditions. Nipple chains are just simple nipple piercings connected by a chain, the chain or the nipple jewelry can come in many different sizes and shapes.

Chain ring have been with us for a long time as well. Chain rings are very creative and can be worn many different ways. Chain rings can either be worn on the same finger or on two different fingers. Chain rings can come in many different types of materials as well sizes and shapes.





















Always remember to buy your body jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.