We have long exceeded the days of conformity and trying to type ourselves into a category formerly known as normal. Thanks to the large part of our current adult population having experienced Kurt Cobain and grunge rock in their adolescence, the word normal has become quite relative..or even antiquated. Thank God for that. With icons like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga leading the stage, we are free to express ourselves like never before. 

In this article, I want to explore a beautiful a new piercing look that is not getting nearly enough time in the spotlight. Maybe the obscure little location of the body or the delicate jewelry it demands is so subtle that we need to zoom in on it…literally. Let’s a take a look at the surprising new ways to adorn the totally understated part of the body that we call the ear. 

Utilize the Space Ya’ Got


Helix Piercing : This is the signature piercing that is placed on the upper cartilaginous part of the ear. The exact location varies depending on preference. It can done in singles or in a series to create various looks. You imagination is the limit on how you style this piercing.


Tragus : The tragus is the tiny part of your ear that is located closest to your cheek. This piercing can house endless varieties of hoops, barbells and jewelry and is a great addition to your existing piercings, although it can be done on it’s own as well.



Daith : The intricate daith piercing is done on the inner most fold of the ear cartilage. It can be worn with various jewelry and small hoop shaped that fit inside the ear. This intricate ear piercing is definitely a crowd favorite when it comes to non traditional ear piercings.


Orbital: The orbital piercing is also done on the cartilaginous part of the ear in a on the upper edge. A ring or heart shaped jewelry connects the piercings and is one of the cutest, instant wow piercings to adorn the ear. How adorable is this?


Forward Helix:  The forward helix piercing is done on the inner cartilage of the ear, directly above the tragus, which is what gives it that name forward helix. This can be done single or in a series, which creates a stunning appearance just by adding a set of sparkly studs.


Fake It til’ you Make it


Ear Cuffs :  Ear cuffs wrap around your ear and come in a variety of styles. Because it is held in place by gently closing the cuff to the width of your ear lobe, it does not require a piercing and can be worn higher up on the cartilaginous part of the ear as well as the lobe.

Cuff & Chain : This is a simply stunning combo that created instant style to your ear. The cuff has fine chain that is anchored by a piercing. If you have a traditional lobe piercing that you wish to dress up with style, the Cuff & Chain is your easy solutions that does not require additional piercings.

Magnetic Studs : The magnetic stud works just like it sounds. The front and back have a magnetic charge that can be used to anchor it just about anywhere on your ear. We love this for those you really don’t want the commitment of having a piercing. It’s very easy to use and comes in a variety of styles.

Infinite Options

The Ancient Egyptians used the human ear in their wall paintings to symbolize their prayers being heard. Today we often forget we even have ears until we reach to switch out earrings. It’s such an understated area; with these new, creative ways to treat your ear lobe like a blank canvas, combinations of looks you can create is endless by experimenting with the location, type of piecing and by simply switching out your jewelry.

These dainty little piercings can go with you everywhere. Compliment your outfit, hairstyle or makeup just by changing out your ear jewelry to complete the look. The huge choice of variety in jewelry that is available makes adorning the ear practically custom and super versatile.

Just a Few of My Faves

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** Featured Image by @Jacquieaische via StyleCaster **