How the piercing is done: The nose piercing is typically placed on the upper nostril, there are many variations of the nose piercing but the most common is the nostril. The piercing is performed while the customer is sitting up. This piercing should NEVER be done with a piercing gun. The piercer will mark the nose for placement based on the customer’s preference and the nose is then pierced. In most cases the jewelry is attached to the end of the needle so that it can slip right in after the needle is passed through.


Aftercare: Caring for a nose piercing can be a bit more difficult than other piercings, it’s in your face and we touch our faces all the time. For women you have to be careful when applying makeup to not interfere with your piercing. Always make sure that you wash your hands before handling your nose ring. Clean your piercing two times a day with an antibacterial soap along with a salt water or saline solution.


Jewelry: When getting your nose pierced the jewelry you are pierced with depends on your piercer. If you want a specific ring make sure you contact your piercer ahead of time to see if they will pierce you with that jewelry. The nose piercing is usually done with a nose screw ring, it can also be pierced with a nose hoop, or a nose stud.