After you have gotten your nose piercing, you are probably eager to see all the different ways that you can customize the piercing to fit your style. Here are a few styles and materials of nose rings to help you get started.

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  • Nose rings. These are some of the more popular styles of nose piercings today. Hoops are self-clasping and come in many styles. Whether you want a plain hoop or something more eye catching you will be sure to find it.
  • Nose studs. These studs use a small clasp at the back to hold it in place. Small studs are great for every day wear, especially if you want to keep your piercing in at work.

  • Nose screws. Much like nose studs, they are generally small studs. What makes these different is the fact that they do not have a clasp. These rings screw into your piercing. They usually have a little half circle at the end, instead of being straight, that requires you to “screw” it in. These are easy to use and easy to clean.



Now onto the fun part, the material of the ring. You will want to avoid any allergic reactions that may occur if you are allergic to any types of metals. Here are some of the materials that nose rings can be made of:

  • Surgical steel. This is probably the type of material that will be used with your first piercing. It is hypo-allergenic and usually doesn’t cause any skin irritation. If you allergic to any metals, or may be, this is a good material to stick with.
  • Gold is also good for sensitive skin. Gold is the next best thing when it comes to materials that your nose ring can be made of. If you would rather have a gold ring than a silver one, you are probably safe buying it.
  • Sterling silver. Do not use sterling silver in your new piercing. Even if you do not have any metal allergies, sterling silver will irritate a newer piercing. Your body oxidizes the material, this is what turns it black and causes irritation to your piercing.


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