As you can see from our chart above, there quite a few styles of nose piercing jewelry. The location of the piercing will help dictate which style nose jewelry you’ll have. We’ve broken the types of nose jewelry down to help explain the differences.

Nose Rings: These are often the recommended starter jewelry style for nose piercing until the healing period is over. The name rings refers to hoops including captive and fixed bead rings, circular barbells and loops. Rings are best for starter jewelry because they make cleaning and maintaining the piercing much easier with their circular design.

Nose Studs: A short piece of jewelry with a post-style back usually with a decoration or small bead that is located on the nostril. Other types of studs are nose bones and nose pins. Nose bones/pins is an almost interchangeable name for the same style of jewelry. Similar to studs, bones and pins are post-style but these usually have a bead on the end to prevent the jewelry from slipping out. This style of nose jewelry in NOT recommended for initial piercings due to possible swelling and cleaning issues.

Nose/Nostril Screw: This style of jewelry come to us from India and is quickly becoming the most popular style of nose jewelry. They feature a short post but instead of ending with a bead, the post actually turns to a small curl, hence the ‘screw’ name. The curl is there to prevent the jewelry from slipping out.

Nose piercing typically take 3 months to heal, but your piercing may heal more or less quickly. What’s important to remember is to keep the piercing clean and disinfected. Try not remove the jewelry during this initial healing period. Fresh piercings will close up very quickly if the jewelry is removed. If, for whatever reason, the jewelry does come out and you have trouble reinserting it, it’s best to let the piercing heal before going to the piercer.

As with all piercings, please take things like your job or school into consideration. Many schools and workplaces have policies pertaining to body jewelry and tattoos. It’s always smart to be aware of what these policies are before getting pierced. Wearing a retainer will not hide your piercing. Will it be more discreet? Sure, but not invisible.