Well the new year has begun and many of us are busy changing our lives for the better. Have you taken the plunge and got a new piercing? Well that’s awesome! Now the piercing is just the tip of the iceberg, the aftercare is the most important part of your body piercing. When it comes to taking care of your body piercing it is extremely important. No matter what kind of piercing you get all of them need special aftercare and attention. There are many different products out there for aftercare but you have to be sure that it is something simple and natural. You should not use any piercing aftercare that has alcohol or peroxide. This can cause irritation dry out your piercing and also welcome in bacteria and infection. You should follow the instructions of your piercer, but if you forget like most of us being pierced do taking care of your piercing isn’t hard. You should wash your piercing with warm water and antibacterial soap. Also sea salt soaks or saline solution on your piercing at least once a day  should be done. For the new year just remember that it is consistency that will keep your piercings healthy and good luck!