Natural Healing : The New Way to Heal


Nothing about natural healing is new, however it has recently hit the headlines for all aspects of healing, including for the care of body modifications such as body piercings and tattoos, as the preferred method of care for minor ailments. We dig that natural healing methods and products have become a part of piercing preparation and aftercare and will share with you what we found from across the web and beyond.


The truth is that before the time of antibiotics to treat just about everything under the sun, that old “salt water gargle” that our grandparents used to tell us about, was actually a real remedy. The difference between natural healing is that before the era of “treatment”, there was an entire era dedicated to “prevention”. Any piercer or tattoo artist would agree, it is better to get you off to a good start to healing your body modification than to treat one that is suffering from an infection or worse. A word of caution about the recos below is that it should not be used as an alternative for medical; of you have an infection, get off of WebMD and GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW! For the rest of you, read on and reap the benefits of staying ahead of the curve.


Mother Nature for Nurture


Nothing beats the natural powers of the earth itself. With so many options for medications these days, it easy to forget that mother nature provides us with just about everything necessary to stay healthy and heal our piercings naturally through the body’s own defense system. If you are planning to get pierced or inked, or recently acquired one, we recommend revisiting the following basics to get your body healing like a well oiled machine. This is the one time being basic is actually helpful.



Get enough of it. We get it, you’re young, it’s the holidays and every party on your roster must be attended by your fabulous self but don’t you dare skimp on sleep if you are recovering from a piercing or planning one around the corner. Sleep Debt is a very, very real thing. Scientists and health experts agree sleep missed over a period of time builds up in the body cumulatively, so missing a few hours here and there really does add up. Your body remembers being deprived of sleep every weekend. One full night of rest does not make up for 3 weekend benders in a row. If you are healing from a piercing or tattoo, getting 7-9 hours of sleep is the basic building block of healing time for your body. Skip this and you might as well skip everything else. (Okay, not really everything, but you get our jist – don’t skimp on sleep!) If Kim Kardashian can walk around in here night gown, you can spare yourself a few extra hours in the snooze nook.


Salt Water.

Yes, we mean that stuff that makes up 98% of your body and most of the planet. Remember granny nagging you to gargle with salt water when you had a sore throat as a kid? Well, it works. So thank granny and get back to basics of using salt water to cleanse your piercings. Most piercers nowadays do not restrict going in the ocean for a swim after getting a piercing. Most dentists and oral surgeons also recommend it as a part of their postoperative care to heal and clean wounds in the mouth. Nothing heals and soothes the mucous membranes in the mouth like salt water, so go ahead and dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle away for your oral piercings, which included the lips, dimples and labret.


Supplements to Support


In conjunction to the basics above, there are key items that you can add to your daily diet to support the healing of your new piercings and/or ink. For many of us living the fast paced lifestyle of working, going to school, raising children and pets and more, our daily diet alone may not be enough to give our bodies all of the advantages of that someone like Michael Phelps would have in the realm of healing. Most of us eat junkie when we must and don’t get to have our blood and urine tested to adjust our nutritional intake as needed, so when it comes to healing, supplements can are a must.


Vitamin D.


Get that D! Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that promotes healing of the skin from burns to acne to piercings and tattoos. It’s a good idea of get a high quality Vitamin D into your daily mix, especially if you live in areas of the globe that don’t offer sun all year long, like we do here in Florida. Even in the sun filled states, there is still a probability that most of us suffer from a vitamin d deficiency at some point of our lives, mainly due to a sedentary lifestyle, working in large buildings with little sun and even the fear of developing skin cancer. Staying away from the sun and becoming deficient in Vitamin D has been linked to dementia and a slew of other ailments, including delayed healing times so go out there and get some D.




If you are in the northern hemisphere like we are, it’s probably cold and flu season and ZINC is the new black at the moment. Preventative remedies such as Airborn are chock full of zinc for a good reason. This trace element needs only very little to be effective in aiding the immune system. Combined with good sleep, healthy hygiene and a splash of good D, zinc can be that insurance against infection that you need during the initial healing period for your piercings and ink.


Healing Herbals (Okay, Not That Kind)


Well, we know that government recently took notice of the healing benefits of herbs… so again, nothing new here that there are natural herbs presented by mother earth to help us heal all ailments. These good for you and good for the environment goodies are 100% mother earth’s natural remedies to help you with some of the most challenging issues that arise from having piercings.


Plant Blood (Chlorophyll)

This green liquid is incredibly gum and oral hygiene friendly. Just add a few drops into your drinking water to keep your body alkaline, neutralized of odor (it’s knows as the internal deodorizer for the body) and combat oral thrush. Perfectly safe for your pearly whites, this amazing elixir will help keep your oral hygiene in tact. Sip daily for numerous health and healing benefits long after your piercings is healed.


Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil  


This miracle plant oil extract has been used to treat all types of skin disease and infections with it’s highly antifungal and antibacterial properties. While we don’t recommend using this product on your new piercing, it does MIRACLES for those of you who are stretching your ears. Rubbing a little bit of this oil in your stretched lobes at the first sign of discomfort, it battles the infamous “lobe odor” and helps to keep the funk at bay. Tea Tree Oil also helps with keloids, a type of scar tissue.


Beautiful = Healthy


Remember, nothing is more sexy and beautiful than healthy. Even the most perfectly pierced piercing can become a gory mess if not given the proper love and attention it deserves. Same thing with tattoos, the healing period is almost as important as who do did the work. Scarring after infection can really put a dent on the appearance, texture and saturation. Take care to care for yourself for the healthy radiant life span of your precious piercings![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_separator color=”blue”][vc_custom_heading text=”Follow us for Piercing Inspiration” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center|color:%231e73be”][vc_column_text][instagram-feed][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]