Heidi P.


Most people would think that getting their tongue or nipples pierced would be the most painful ever. Not in my case! I have had my nipples and chest dermals pierced and I already have my tongue, Monroe, and nose. However, when I got my industrial pierced, I cried like a little baby. Halfway through the piercing I screamed “I WANT MY MOMMY!” because it was so painful. It also doesn’t help that the piercer’s hand slipped on the second entrance of the piercing. When I walked out of the shop I looked like someone had just beat the crap out of me. I think it was funny though because I had my nipples pierced while under the influence and I laughed at getting them pierced. My nose was done at home and it’s cartilage also, but it didn’t hurt half as bad as my industrial. When I told my boyfriend about what happened at the shop with my industrial, he laughed at me. My mascara was running down my face; my eyeliner was smeared and I looked like a raccoon. Now my boyfriend calls me raccoon eyes every time I tell him about a new barbell I got for my industrial. After I got done with the piercing, I called my mom and told her that I needed her there to hold my hand because it hurt so bad. I didn’t know if I wanted to throw up, punch someone, or hide and cry. She laughed so much at me because I am twenty two years old and I cried at getting a piercing, which she stated “…if you are going to cry, you might as well have not done it, you big baby.” I will forever be known as the twenty two year old who could not handle a simple industrial piercing, yet I could get dermals and nipples done easily. This was by far my most painful, beautiful, dramatic piercing that I have ever encountered on getting! I guess beauty truly is pain when it comes to wanting a certain style. I love my industrial though. I cannot stop playing with it -even though I know I am not supposed to.