Mustaches were once a symbol of masculinity and power and eventually became a gimmick and a humorous style of facial hair reserved for movie villains and math professors. However, the mustache has recently found its way back into the “cool” spotlight. Between the birth of Movember, a holiday that encourages men to grow a mustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues and the thousands of mustache related accessories coming out, mustaches are a hot trend among today’s younger folks.

Mustache body jewelry is growing in popularity as the mustache reigns supreme again!  Mustaches adorn a variety of body jewelry today and is a must have design for anybody jewelry enthusiast! Ear gauges have recently become adorned with the classic handlebar mustache graphic as well as dangle belly rings and even septum rings. Mustache body jewelry is perfect for those who can’t grow a mustache or for those who just don’t want to but still love the classic look of a handlebar mustache. Whether you’re looking for trendy new belly rings, nose rings, or ear gauges, you’ll be sure to fine mustache themes adorning any popular style of body jewelry. Get your Burt Reynolds on and get yourself some hot mustache body jewelry today!