While many might picture the perfect summer body prep as consistent cardio plus a trip to the spa center (for a fake tan), for us here at body jewelry (and we presume every body piercing enthusiast, like you), summer body prep revolves around stepping up our piercing game.

Whether it’s getting a new piercing or making the most out of existing piercings, summer presents perhaps the best opportunity to get it; and then flaunt it, am I right?

Here’s our selection of body piercings ideas for summer, that in our opinion rival getting a fake tan.

Daith piercings

Daith piercings are what you call an ideal option for the un-initiated; you know, anyone who’s having their first summer piercing adventure. Aside from being intriguing in a mystical and yet subtle way, daith piercings are one of the very few piercing styles with a demonstrable health benefit. Per numerous scientific researches daith piercings reduce the chances of that, you’d ever come down with a migraine. Stylish, easy to get and then care for, plus a side serving of health benefits, daiths is just what the doctor (read; piercing professional) ordered for any newbie looking to get indoctrinated to the piercing world.

A tash rook

Still on ear piercings, Tash rooks are similar to daith piercings, only this time hanging freely from your ear cartilage. Tash rooks are famous for the glamorous and flamboyant look they bring to your ears and in extension your summer body.

Even better is the fact that you can tweak the traditional rook styling to complement your personal taste and preference, allowing for that extra bit of personalization that’s sure to make you stand out.

Stacked piercings

If you’ve already got your fair share of piercing and plan on keeping it simple this summer, then say hello to stacked piercing. The idea is to get a new, refreshing but subtle piercings stacked on any of your current fav pieces; your old piercings stay just the way it was but just above it is a flash of new bling that shines a glimmering light of attention. Think of it as a makeover, one that allows you to stay in touch with your former self while priming you with a refreshing dose of that positive summer vibe.

Finally, belly button piercings

No summer body piercing list can claim to be complete without an honorary mention of belly button piercings. They are to body piercing enthusiasts what bikinis are to Victoria secret models on a hot summer day; a must-have and a must-wear for anyone serious about flaunting it and as we all aim to do, turning heads.

Belly button piercings are also incredibly sexy and as most people will testify captivating, another way to say they are everything you’d want for that [erfect summer body. We certainly think you should get one, nothing screams I’m hot and ready for all of summer naught than a well-executed belly button piercing!