When pondering new piercings to get the same issue arises, “I want something unique.” One of the newest piercings that has became a new trend is Microdermal Anchors. Dermal Anchors have much appeal to the the piercing communities. It became popular due to its versatility and its somewhat permanence. Dermal Anchors last much longer than surface piercings and any other forms of implants. Also, dermal anchors can be stylized like any other piercings.

The first thing you must know about a dermal anchor is that it is not like a surface piercing. It only has one single point of piercing. The dermal anchor consists of two parts. The first part is the anchor, it is a small metal piece. sometimes with holes, that will stay beneath your skin once it is healed. The second part is the bead or gem. This is what is visible to the eye and what will give its uniqueness.

The process of getting the dermal anchor is a quick and easy one. However, it should only be done by a body modification professional who has had tons of experience with dermal anchors, also it should be done in a sterile environment such as a piercing parlor or a body modification studio. Like any other piercing, the professional will prep and clean the skin with a surgical scrub and mark the areas where the piercing will be with surgical pen or ink. There are two ways of doing the procedure, the first one is with the use of a surgical needle, and the second is a dermal punch also called a biopsy punch. The amount of pain will vary from person to person as well as where the piercing will be located, but there will be some sort of pain during the procedure.

After the anchor and the top piece has been inserted, proper aftercare must be followed. Follow all the instructions given by your professional in order to prevent any infections, pains, cysts, keloids, or doctor visits. Also, before changing the top piece make sure your piercing has healed completely. In order to remove the whole piercing you must have your professional do the procedure of removing the anchor. There are times where a scarring will occur.

Once your piercing has healed there are many ways you can style the top bead or gem. There are many different design like stars or circle, or maybe you want to have a gem. Whatever the case, make sure you buy your jewelry from a reputable body jewelry seller.