Hello Everyone my name is Evabless and I love my piercings. I am 24 years old, full of life, and down for spontaneous trips to the tattoo shop. Growing up in 2 split homes really played a big role on my personality till this day. I have my nose pierced and my tongue pierced and I don’t regret getting them at all. Every time I meet someone new they always ask me if my snake bites hurt; like it literally happened so fast i had no legit answer. How I decided on getting this piercing was funny too because I figured I’m always sticking my tongue out so I might as well have something to show for it. Guys are so immature though they really feel like it’s for their sick pleasure I deny it but it’s low key 10% true.

After the snake bite piercing I could not eat solid food for like 2 weeks straight it was killing me slowly. Only because I love food and hate soup and oatmeal ALL the time. Popsicle’s and Ice felt like heaven on my tongue but boy was I hungry for 2 whole weeks. I survived though and it’s very important to rinse your mouth out with Listerine as a cleaning process. The very same day I took a trip to Wendy’s for a salad, waited in such a long line to get all the way home and not be able to eat. My tongue was on fire the 1st attempt of trying to put chicken in my mouth. I fooled myself into thinking since the process of getting the piercing didn’t hurt, I would be able to chew on the other side avoiding it but nope I was sadly mistaken. That salad went to complete waste but hey you win some you lose some right.

I ended up healing a little faster maybe a week and 1/2 because I literally ate ice for breakfast. At that point my stomach was no longer playing with me it was screaming “feed me real food”. I would definitely recommend you to take the bar out of your mouth and swish some Listerine up in there. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself any tattoo shop will take it out for you if you plan on getting new jewelry but for a fee of $10. You might find a generous person that won’t charge you but have your coins ready regardless. I’ve gotten my nose pierced at least 3 times already those things close so fast but I love them. It’s always hard to find body jewelry for my snake bites so the fact that I found a company like BodyJewelry.com is such a blessing to me.