Pierced Gents We Heart

We know that the gentlemen with piercings don’t get nearly the love and highlights they deserve, so we thought we’d kick off the year with an #ManCrushMonday dedicated to these fine, fine gentlemen and their piercings. We want to get googly eyed for these hunks we found from around the globe in celebration of their unique style and the piercing inspiration they share with us.

Before we get into it, we hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. We wish you all wonderful new year to celebrate your individuality, style and charm. We hope to continue providing you with all of the piercing and body jewelry inspiration we can think of. We want to also ask any South Floridians to save the date for January 29th as we will be hosting our first piercing event of the year at Crack Tattoos located in Pompano Beach. We’ll have the details for your on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter soon, so stay tuned for another great piercing event with the BodyJewelry.com Team.

Around the Globe We Go…In One Direction

We searched high and low, stalking out various pierced hotties from around the web on various media formats… and before we got too deep, there was one obvi pierced hottie to mention that we really didn’t have to dig too hard to find : Zayn Malik. The English singer and songwriter that was once a part of the famed band One Direction. Yes, this hottie was a big part of the “hot guys with nose rings” movement. This guy makes the simple gold infinity nose ring a masterpiece accessory with just about every outfit and every look. He pulls it off like candy…eye candy is more like it.

We have to admit it but not all guys can pull of piercings like they were born to have it, like Zayn. We give this pierced hottie two thumbs up on the style, choice of body jewelry and overall swagger.

best _male_piercing
Zayn Malik is indeed a hot #guyswithnoserings contestant. Image courtesy of Wiki

We heart Durchgestochen Gents

We go across the globe for real on #MCM number two, all the way to Germany that is. We found our next pierced hottie, the 23 year old blondie named Martin, all the way in Dresden, Germany via Instagram. (If you are following us on Instagram, he was our first piercing #mcm feature for 2017). This #hotguywithpiercings has got some serious, serious swagger and he’s not afraid to showcase it on his super cool feed.

Martin sports a septum piercing like he was born with it. More and more guys are rocking septum piercings thanks to the return of black and matte black body jewelry… it just looks great on everybody but even better on men. Men tend to have a more structured jaw line making for chiseled features that can support and balance dark colored piercing jewelry like cake. We love Martin’s combination therapy of style: septum piercing paired with tunnels, super chic newsboy glasses and a clean side cut buzz. Martin, we heart you.

2017 first pierced #mcm

Got To Be Gato

Our next contender comes all the way from Santiago, Chile and sports the most popular piercing for men : the nipple piercing. Edgardo Riveros Ahumada known as @gatosheko is a tatted up scientist that loves to longboard and live life to the fullest. His ultra cool demeanor is amped up even further by his bilateral nipple piercings, which he has no problem showing off. (Umm, talk about chiseled physique!)

This just goes to show why nipple piercing are the male favorite… even with plain, surgical steel captive circulars or barbells, they just look amazingly sexy on gentlemen. There’s just something so manly about it. For hunks who aren’t quite so fond of showing some skin like our hero Edgardo, nipple piercing jewelry that peek through a plain white V neck shirt is to die for!!!

best _piercing_blog
@Gatosheko makes nipple piercings even hotter

Pierced & Perfect

We hope these pierced gentlemen have proved that no matter what part of the globe you might be, pierced if perfectly hot on gents. We cannot say enough delicious things about these pierced hunks and their piercing style. We hope that they will inspire the next generations of hotties to try something new and rock it in style.

Do you know a #hotguywithpiercings that deserves to be nominated for our weekly Pierced #MCM feature on our social media? If so, be sure to submit their info via DM on our Instagram or tag us on the photo to submit your nomination. You can also PM (private message) on our Facebook page to shine the spotlight on the pierced gent of your choice for a feature. We hope to hear your votes on the hottest pierced gents around the globe!